May 2013

Can You Ever Fully Recover From Tennis Elbow?

There are certain groups of individuals who are considered “high risk” when it comes to developing tennis elbow.

The first group is anyone involved with athletics such as tennis players, golfers, cricket players, volleyball players, baseball players, football players, bowlers, lacrosse players or any other sport that involves using equipment that requires using a tight grip on an object.

The second group of people is anyone involved in manual labor or blue collar work. These individuals tend to use their arms a lot performing repetitive task over an extended period of time. The constant gripping and squeezing causes extreme pressure and strain on the extensor tendon. It eventually tears and this is when you feel pain in your elbow.

So how do you properly and fully recover from tennis elbow? Most people take a little time away from their sport or activity but their symptoms usually come back just when they thought they had this injury under control.

It does not even take that long. Sometimes, after just a few months, the pain returns. This is the truth: if you do not seek the right kind of treatment, the condition can seem rather irreversible. If you seriously want to get some relief, you need to make a commitment to never give in to this terrible injury.

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Of course many people resort to taking anti-inflammatory pills and pain medication but the problem with this is that you have to take the pills every 3-4 hours and they do nothing to address the root cause of your injury.

What about elbow braces? To be honest, all these devices do is give you a “feeling” of support but instead of making your injured tendons and muscles stronger, they actually make them weaker!

There is no magic pill you can take to cure this injury. Unfortunately far too many people choose to ignore their symptoms until it gets so bad that a complete tear occurs and they have to undergo surgery.

It’s important that you look for the following signs:

· Tightness and stiffness in your arm. You may discover that your arm is hard to straighten fully – especially early in the morning.

· As the tear gets larger in your tendon, you may notice some swelling and inflammation. It’s important that you apply to ice if you notice inflammation and swelling. Do this at least twice a day for 10-15 minutes.

· And thirdly, if your elbow pain gets worse when you make a fist or even when you shake hands with someone, then you could be suffering from chronic tennis elbow.

So how can you completely recover from tennis elbow so it never comes back?

It involves just 5 simple steps that you can do at home, without the need for any exercise equipment or expensive medical gadgets.

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Geoff Hunt is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Exercise Rehab Specialist from Vancouver, Canada. He suffered from tennis elbow for 7 years but cured it on his own from home.

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Exercise Tips for Recovery From Tennis Elbow

Overusing and continuous stretching of your elbow tendons and muscles on the elbow over an extended period of time usually causes stress, inflammation and tears to your extensor tendon. This is what happens when you develop tennis elbow, also referred to as lateral epicondylitis.

Pain on the outer part of your elbow is one of the main tennis elbow symptoms that you can expect to experience. You might not even be able to carry out your tasks well due to this discomfort that you are feeling. Thus, you should find ways to help treat or alleviate your elbow pain that you are feeling.

Among the recommended ways of treating lateral epicondylitis would be tennis elbow exercises. These will help your muscles relax, which in turn, will reduce the pain that you will feel. Some home treatments can help too, such as putting an ice pack over the area for ten to fifteen minutes three times a day. But when you start with the exercises, you should commit yourself to doing them too, exactly as advised.

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Discover How to Cure
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Strengthening exercises are not only good for the rehabilitation phase of the injury. If your elbow joint is strong as a result of your exercise, this can help prevent any injury from occurring again. This is because the area will be protected from stress. Flexibility exercises are also good for making the elbow joint less prone to stress, brought about by constant pulling and tugging. It is to be noted though that all types of exercises concentrated on the injured area should be done with a slow start until the level of stretching will increase to a tolerable point.

Stretches should be done every morning and evening before and after you do your daily activities to prevent tennis elbow. A simple activity as holding the arm on the side of the injured elbow and pulling your fingers pointing to the sky is already considered stretching. Just hold this position for up to fifteen seconds. You can also point your arm to your toes, pull it, and hold it for another fifteen seconds as well.

The only way to fully and completely recover from your tennis elbow injury is by doing exercise. There is no magic bullet or pill that you can take that will overnight repair a frayed and torn extensor tendon.

You have a decision to make. Implement and follow these exercises or go on suffering. If you want more information about tennis elbow, check out this website: where a short video will show 5 steps you can take to stop your elbow pain.

No need for medical devices or gadgets, no elbow braces, no painful cortisone shots and no worrying about invasive tennis elbow surgery!

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Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis elbow treatment varies depending on who you talk to. Tennis elbow has been around for quite some time and afflicts a good portion of our population. Age and gender are not discriminating factors in developing tennis elbow.

Most tennis elbow sufferers are not even aware that they have tennis elbow. It’s not until the pain is so great that it impacts people’s daily lives that we even investigate what is the source of their elbow pain. Most people resort to making a visit to their family physician to get a proper diagnosis of their tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow treatment methods are just as varied as are the ways of developing tennis elbow. Your family physician may refer you to a physiotherapist for some temporary pain relief but the truth of the matter is that you don’t have to spend your hard earned cash on endless trips to the physiotherapists or doctors.
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Discover How to Cure
Tennis Elbow
Using 5 Simple Steps From Home
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There is also no need to join an expensive fitness center in order to cure your tennis elbow. Instead of using bulky machines at the gym, you can cure tennis elbow on your own from the comfort of home without any special exercise equipment required. These 5 simple techniques will get your elbow feeling like new within a couple of weeks.

When you are ready to get to the source of your tennis elbow and cure your tennis elbow from the comfort of your own home, I recommend you check out my site on tennis elbow treatment.

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